Thanks to our digital platform, investing in real estate is as easy as booking a flight online. We provide broad range of information including property details, investment case, estimated returns, potential risk and ownership/management structure to help guide your investment decision


Its free and easy with step by step guide to ensure all regulatory requirements are fulfilled


Handpicked investment opportunities from around the UAE helping you diversify your investments across multiple properties


Investment as low as AED 5,000 to start building your real estate portfolio


Receive rental income and through state of the art digital dashboard monitor your investment & portfolio


Receive your capital back along with your share of capital gain when you exit your investment

Our purpose

We all have a purpose for what we do, whether it’s going to work, playing sports or spending time with family and friends, there is a purpose behind our actions. Corporations need to have a purpose as well. Companies need to understand why they exist and do what they do. It must be more than just about making money and creating shareholder value. Without defining purpose, you will never be able to measure your success...

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The overarching benefits of shared economy and crowdfunding business models

I had founded Smart Crowd on the principles of levelling the playing field and giving the average person an opportunity to unlock their wealth potential by accessing an asset class historically restricted to the wealthy who have used it accumulate and preserve capital...

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Crowdfunding real estate

Everyone remembers that day in school when friends pitched in to buy equipment for a sports competition. We’ve all done it. A jointly owned asset to bring wealth and glory to the community...

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