The smarter way to
invest in UAE real estate

Smart Crowd is a real estate investment platform that provides you an opportunity to access the UAE real estate market with low minimum investment amount from a simple online portal.

We are working hard to obtain a regulatory license to ensure your investments are safeguarded so you can have peace of mind.

Once operational Smart Crowd will allow you to:

  • Access real estate with low investment amounts as little as AED 5,000
  • Access pre-vetted attractive investment opportunities
  • Invest in real estate through a simple online portal reducing hassle, time and paper work
  • Generate secondary income through rental income and capital appreciation
  • Build a diversified real estate portfolio over time
  • Buy and sell your investments through Smart Crowd’s platform
  • Control and monitor your investment through personalized dashboard



Our purpose...

We all have a purpose for what we do, whether it’s going to work, playing sports or spending time with family and friends, there is a purpose behind our actions.

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The overarching...

I had founded Smart Crowd on the principles of levelling the playing field and giving the average person an opportunity to unlock their wealth potential by ...

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